Vegetarianism, sustainability, meditation…how they link to each other?


I write this article today in the order to be conscious and awake of the life im living right now.

I consider myself a pusher of a sustainable world. Not just thinking of the future generations as many people think about but thinking about myself and the world i live right now. This is something i got disappointed as after finished the career of architecture. Most of my world ended making architecture for rich people and their effort to be accepted by the society.

With my constantly search of looking for something that I can do with my profession I joined to a bio construction workshop  last weekend. For my surprise it was a meditation center called Vipassana that we were gonna be part of the construction that weekend. The first few minutes I felt a bit skeptic as I normally dont´t like groups of people that has a name for a situation of life, in this case a group of “meditators”. I believe in a freedom of decision of anything without calling you “x” name of group. But as U always say, you can´t never give an opinion if u haven´t tried it first.

Lizeth Yarleque 62 DSC04812

This community consists in around 15 people from different countries that live in an empty place in a 100% of sustainability life. I never expected that but this was like going back in time. I normally read books of sustainability or watch movies, all very inspiring BUT nothing is compare to pass the experience in real! Of course nothing is easy than the life in the city but is possible. I had to face the real world in real. Full of trash, full of consumption, full of damage in the world. And there they were, building a place of mud. Building a place for happiness and building a sharing society.

Something I enjoyed a lot apart from build with mud was the food. And here a question came out to me with: why all these meditation groups and sustainable has to do with become vegetarians? I mean animals always were part of the food chain right? is this has to do with rebellion against society?

Making a bit or searching I know just now that the productions of animals like cows cause around 51% of the contamination in the world! more than fuel industries, more than construction, more than everything. However in my mind still is the thought of: Ok, we need animals as part of our food chain. Like lions, tigers, fishes, they all eat animals to live and there is nothing wrong in that. So we can call it natural climate change that keeps the natural path. I am more lover of vegetables than animals in general for a healthy reasons. Plants were medicine in the past and in Peru we keep all these Incas secrets. But still i couldn´t understand what´s wrong in eating animals? 

We are human beings that eat animals since our very beginning. However those years we used to hunt animals by ourselves. Those animals were naturally growing up in the world and we naturally hunt them. As lions we used to respect that natural food chain. Nothing was created for created more animals or places to put more animals. By the time i never asked myself from where those animals come from because all what i needed to know is how important were they for my nutrition. On the contrary i reduced my consumption of  animals because of healthy reasons. We heard, heard and heard about how bad things happen in the animal industry but we actually search a bit?

Is hard when someone ask you that because we really don’t. Do we really know how much pain animals have to pass when they are stamped with fire or getting rape in order to have more kids? Have you ever been in a breeding center or slaughter? is really a crime. I wouldn’t mind in to kill an animal naturally in the forest as lions or tigers do. I keep this crazy position on my mind that if in a dream life i could be used to feed others it would be alright as long is something positive to someone. But if someone makes me suffer until i die just to eat me is totally different. What animal industry does is just unbelievable! The whole process since an animal born until it dies is just suffering! I just ask myself now how i didn´t know that? This is not the natural food chain anymore. Fake process of animals and fake products. Plus we are supporting all this suffering for animals. I wouldn’t like to demonize the animal eaters. At the end is a personal decision. But the question is if we take a decision knowing what is in behind all this.

I don’t want to consider myself with a tittle on my head that says i become a vegetarian person or whatever but just be conscious on what´s is behind the next time i have an animal to eat in front of me. What if we make it back to the time as what im trying to do with construction? will be there any other way to eat animals avoiding suffering? or is just stopping eating animals the solution?

It was indeed a month with lot of leanings not just about sustainability but also about the world and myself.

The night with fire in which the residents of the center were dancing as crazy I could feel the energy i can barely remember i saw before in other people. I saw a real freedom of happiness expression an expression that shows healthy in physic, mind and environment.

Lizeth Yarleque 67

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