When the meal times become a nightmare!

A few weeks ago started the worst meal times on my life. After watching a documental about the animal industry and the abuse they do with animals I couldn´t eat animals anymore. Is like i woke up finding up that we usually do things without caring about its precedence. Like every single thing with eat from the supermarket. Not just animals but in general. We take all what industry put in front of us without caring ourselves at all!. (Maybe now is changing a bit)

It would be fine if animals were killed by a gun shout, like original hunting times. But now to kill a cow is all a massacre and a session of so much pain for the animal. And yes nobody want to know this! I didn´t want either but reality is this happens in real! Is not that easy as we thought to kill an animal, especially big animals like cow or pig. I don´t say this because i join a religion or whatever! is a common sense. I sense we don’t have it until we watch it.

pig  pig2

The thing is that right now im in the situation to find out other ways to make my days tasty. other ways to avoid animals in my food and the worst part: “Facing my friends when i join them for a meal to not have a tittle on my head that says “I m vegetarian”. I’m actually not. Because I still eat fish. I believe that fish is still a natural way to kill animals without creating a pain industry but whatever! the point is i just cant explain my friends everytime they ask that i don’t eat animals because i see the cow screaming in front of me everytime i see its dead body! The true is people started to look at me weird and in a certain point i feel discriminated that i cant join a few of their meals conversations anymore. Honestly is the most horrible time on feeling guilty i ever had. Meal times have became a nightmare for me. Especially in my country as Peru is one of the best culinary countries in the world. Most popular and tasty dishes you can find here. And now, I can´t join this anymore. In one hand i have this natural cultural thing in my inside. In the other i have this conscious of what life really is with human beings in general.

I really feel at this moment i don’t have many options for food and yes i miss my days when i used to enjoy meals with friends without feeling bad for animals. However, on the other side I feel im doing something right that i believe on and will keep it until i want. Not easy days for me but i will share with you how this keeps going and my experience if someone is passing a similar time.

Ps: Im a bad cooker! so please share a healthy and “easy” recipe with me!

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