Behind the Marañon river

Amazonas 15

According to Wikipedia. The Marañon River was generally considered the source of the Amazon river since 18th century and still continues to claim the title of the “mainstem source” or “hydrological source” due to its contribution of the highest annual discharge rates that is only surpass by Nile river.

The biodiversity of the region around the Amazon is also considered the larger worldwide, with a amount of animals and plants that may even surpass that described for ocean species. Thus the importance of the Amazon basin covers immediate livelihood needs of humanity (water, oxygen environment, forest resources)

With increasing concern about global warming and the future of the planet. Different foundations and institutions has set up a special focus on the Amazon region. However, since I came back from my trip to the Amazon region. Looks like we are just laughing at it!

How it makes sense that an important river of this magnitude is now being the dump for most of the communities around? People throw the garbage just straight into the river every single day. Beaches full of trash with children playing over dirty, smelly puddles and people passing by it without caring at all!

Government makes it hard for mining or hydro electrical projects when they comes out which is totally fair as a potential hazard for the environment. But, what is the government doing to solve this insane sanity issue that is destroying the Amazon right now? How this is not taken as an urgent problem these days?

Is very depressing see the ineptitude of the government we have. All these water with trash will end up in the Atlantic ocean after passing for many other communities feed by it along the Amazon river and we are here, reading on internet that The Marañon is one of the most important rivers in the world that we depend on different ways!


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