The sweet of Jürgen’s world!


A couple of years ago I met one of the most inspiring people in the world! Jürgen Erker, a German man who has lived with Diabetes for around 48 years so far. Yes! 48!!! I know! I also wonder how he manage this! Dealing with Diabetes at the year of 1968 when he discovered he had the illness didnt exist much technologies as we have now. Insulin injections became part of him! But at the same time the key to live a standard life or even better, a healthy one!

He now at his more than 55 years old has traveled for many countries around Europe, Central America and South America in a standard condition. He hikes everytime he comes Peru. He eats anything He wants to eat and even we drink Pisco Sour and wine the times we meet up!

He yesterday made a lovely chocolate cake and German bread for me! He is always sharing stories, pictures, recipes but overall valuable moments! He says that is exactly what Life means! Honestly I feel so small and weak everytime I meet him. He is my rockstar as the bravest person in the world that I have no words to explain how much strength a person can inspire.

Sometimes we complain of tiny things that at the moment we think they are huge ones. However is just the way we see them. As Jürgen says we cant fight with things we can’t change but on the contrary we can make it works. Thanks to people like him that inspires this world!

Here a video of a small interview to him. (I will try to add subtittles soon)

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