What You Can Learn in 4 Chapters of trip

There is no words to start writing about the 2 incredible weeks I have spent traveling in Chile and Bolivia. Therefore, these 4 Chapters can say it all.

Chapter 1: Salar de Uyuni- Bolivia

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  • The most stunning place I have ever been in my life! specially in this time when you can see the mirror effect in the infinite floor of salt. That place that put in tears of just to be witness of the magnificent place it was. Kilometers and kilometers of heaven all around with the stunning sunrise that only said: Lizeth, Life prizes you!
  • There is no happiness with lack of effort. We passed really  cold and sickness altitude days but that was just the price of the end.
  • People make it wonderful! Apart from the cool international group we were. Edgar, the guide of us made an incredible work being sure that we enjoyed every single detail of life and the tours! Amazing food, amazing caring, always spoiling us and to top it all he created a funny and lovely video that you can watch here! Salar de Uyuni
  • If you ever want to try this tours I highly recommend you go for Collca company from Uyuni in Bolivia or Illari from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile – Ask for Edgar as your guide for sure!

Chapter 2: San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

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  • A town in the middle of the desert where you can feel how the sun kills you if you go for a walk in the middle of the afternoon. Although is a pretty and interesting town where all the buildings are just one floor and made by clay. Very desert place!
  • A night close to the starts and galaxies is what I got here. For my first time ever looking so close at our world by Telescopes. Lot of scientific mystery. However, that just remind me that for sure must be something or someone that created everything we have here!
  • From the immense mystery of the sky we turn over to the immense mystery on earth and here we went to the Geysers of Tatio. Not easy to wake up at 4:30am and going for -5°C!!! That was the price for such lovely shows of crazy hot water and explosions of smoke that put me on meditation for a few minutes.

Chapter 3: The wedding in Pucon

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  • I won´t mention all the love between the couple because that´s why they got married but something that put me in tears is being witness of all the love I could see between families. Everybody wishing the best for the other, everybody making this wedding happens, everybody helping in the kitchen, everybody helping cleaning and the nights were a blast! can´t explain by words how much love it was in the place.
  • You see the parents, you see the kids and you can´t wait to see the grandchild. All about stories, all about time, kids grew up and all we have at the end is just memories, unbelievable memories from all those years of life!
  • I won´t have the perfect family at home but I feel blessed to have gained two lovely families on this wedding! Thanks Sean, Pauline, Susanne and Kirkwood for so much love!
  • And yes the party was great!!! I had the best dancing Partner all night long!! 🙂

Chapter 4 and the end: Fun outdoor sport days in Pucon

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  • A Rafting day that included a jump into the water from like 100m height!
  • A canopy day of 170m height that made my emotions come out on screams nicely! 🙂
  • A kayaking chill out day that made my friend work hard the whole journey hahaha (sorry I was so lazy to drive) However, the avocado sandwiches and the swim into the lake made it funnier!

With all these 4 Chapters I only can say “Thanks to the life” for being so nice to me and make me happy every single time! Be positive, think positive, act nice, work hard, be surrounded by good people, avoid bad ones and eat healthy is all what I can suggest!: Life prizes!


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