My Hypothyroidism, my food and my happiness!


In my office the only 3 girls who have being working in the company have Hypothyroidism. I read lately that number of women with this illness is increasing around the world and I consider my experience along these years could be helpful for someone that is passing a hard time with this.

For many years I was a person with hypothyroidism unbeknownst. Trying to deal myself with a normal diet everyday in order to keep myself “healthy” made my life a nightmare. However years later when my illness was discovered I couldn´t believe how much bad I was eating thinking that I was doing right since I had been victim from all what industry sold me as healthy products which were really not.

It has been so hard learning how to eat right during all these 8 years since my illness was discovered, specially when I live in a culinary country where delicious doesn´t  necessarily mean healthy.

Since I treat my hypothyroidism, my diet was based on animals and vegetables, avoiding all kind of sugar which ended in pretty good results. I was doing well but not really great as still I used to have acne on my face. Years later my doctor finds out that in general wheat was going to be the clue of my life. I made more research about it and for my surprised I found out that “two slices of whole wheat bread increases blood sugar levels higher than a single candy bar” Why You Should Probably Stop Eating Wheat   11 WAYS GLUTEN AND WHEAT CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH

Taking out wheat of my life I was dealing with the perfect diet. The thing became complicated when I discovered the real situation about animal industry and its products. I couldn´t stand eat unhappy animals anymore. Animals for me are the most innocent and weak beings of the world at this moment and with that my confusion of eating healthy started again. What should I eat now if I don´t animals anymore?

I made some analysis of the most common healthy types of food I can find on markets nowadays and made a comparison between each other in order to understand what they do really mean:

Type 01: Bio/Organics of Bio Products

  • Agricultural or animal products that are produced in a natural process without of the use of any chemist
  • Is good as they are as much as natural products we can have these days
  • Lots of carbohydrates like potatoes, grains, gluten, and similar are included, is just the thing that they don´t have an industry thing in its process. However the mentioned products before are not necessarily healthy at all. 

Type 02: Vegetarians/ Vegan products

  • Products without animal industry, not even organic animals which don´t use hormones
  • It avoids animal suffering and respect their lives. In addition it avoids contamination of the world because of the consuming of so much water and the production of CO2
  • Animal products are easily replace by beans, soja, gluten, carbohydrates, margarine that are not necessarily healthy at all

Type 03: No gluten/No sugar products

  • Most recently we can find these types of products on healthy shops as people are conscious now on how bad they are for our bodies
  • Products are easily changed by similar products as sugar or worse like panela, honey, sweeteners within others that results are as bad as sugar just with a fake “healthy” name.
  • Sugar is found easy in fruits, specially in juices which only take the sugar of fruits or extracts but as we know juices are sold as something healthy which in reality they are not. Fruit Juice is Just as Unhealthy as a Sugary Drink

It still is a challenge for me every time is time to eat but I can guarantee that it worth it! My life has changed a lot since I eat right as what right really means! Feel myself good knowing that I don´t eat unhappy animals make me feel in peace. Looking at my smooth skin with no acne anymore thanks to stop eating wheat is wonderful!. Trying to eat as much organic vegetables and avoiding sugar by anyway is heaven!

Don´t forget that I am also a traveler along the year because of work and pleasure and deal with this during my trips is even harder but always possible! There is always options to cook myself or markets where I can find fresh products. Let´s keep ourselves beautiful my friends and enjoy life!!! Don´t let industry ruin our health! 🙂

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