My travel days of work


For many people the idea of traveling free as your job pays for everything when you travel could sound exciting and in fact it is! Especially if you have to go places surrounded all with beautiful nature as it is my case. Although, there were some things that I had to learn along this time to survive!

Since the last year, countless hours on buses and many sleepy nights on airports become part of been home. My job took me to this lifestyle as a Logistic manager and coordinator for field work that takes me on travels to different places every single month.

As a natural traveler I am, the idea of travel for work couldn´t have been better match with me. However, living out from home and instead living mostly in remote places definitely had big differences that I had to adapt myself.

Hot showers are not always part of the accommodations anymore and the food could be a challenge every day. Not just because of the flavor but because of the ingredients. Been in communities far away from the city means that we might stay in places where potatoes and rice are the main dish every day. Considering that vegetables are main part of my menu, I find this a hard thing most of the time but always work at the end.


Bring normal clothes has been eliminated from my luggage as there is no time to wear normal. Working on rivers means get wet and dirty everyday so the company t-shirts are well for that.

Traveling for work is different than traveling for vacations as I don´t have access to find other travelers like me in the way and even worse I don´t have my friends around for so long. On the contrary I learn to be more patience with my Co-workers. But of course, there are good parts too like when I have to cross rivers by walking or in a boat and hiking for some hours. Sometimes cooking on a boat can make me feel the luckiest chef on the world! And sleeping with grasshoppers and mosquitos are the best company to not feel alone at nights.

Traveling in places without internet access made to improve my writing skills and my camera has become my best friend and the most trustful teller of stories.


And for those days where I feel alone, the kisses of my Frodo are what I miss more. Nothing better that having a picture of him to get a smile. Happily the best person in the world is taking care of him, my mom! The person whom talking by phone lately has become more pleasant than it was in real life as she doesn´t have any reason to argue with me anymore.


The only sad thing of traveling a lot and living in different places all around the year is that I have become a more neutral person and I don´t feel at home anymore even when I am there. Being a traveler in your backpack is a thing that you get used to it without notice and probably a dangerous thing.

Looks like now, home is always my next unknown destination until I finally find a place where I would love to call home for longer.

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