What my last trip wanted me to realize?

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from my last trip to Bolivia and I still can`t fit myself into my “normal” life. At this point I don’t know what exactly “normal” life means anymore. Living in small towns with local communities for 2 months put me as a witness of the real life for many people where cruelty took my breath away many times.

I found out that abuse to animals not only happens on the animal industry. It took me some time to try to understand what would be the reason for a farmer wanted to express his anger against to a little dog hit him with a stick or locals killing birds just with the intention to try his aim and have fun. But living in a farm goes further than that and indeed people pass also bad times. In the same town I met Eugenio, a faring guy that was a victim of being abused of heavy blows made by his uncle while he was child. I also met Nancy, a hard worker woman that was a victim of an accident produced by one of her co-workers intentionally when she was living in Spain that left her in a damage situation and I was in the middle of a war watching a whole town fighting against policies for 3 days.


With all these, plus others more stuff that I won’t mention, there is just one question on my head that I am trying to find an answer for: is really this shitty society that we have?

The ego of People can be more powerful than anything

Now in Lima, laying on my bed, living a ¨normal¨ life in a standard schedule of work. I wonder myself if is really true that we are here doing nothing when people is living a depreciable life on the other side of the city. Business industry has put us in a fake society where is more important to worry about material stuff than people, anything that doesn’t give profit for companies are not well welcome anymore. Industries have been in charged to convince people as more competitive people is more valuable they are and we have forgotten how much humans we are.

We could be avoiding situations like what I have seen if there were more industries focus on creating sustainable societies. It sounds big when we see stories like these on news thinking that maybe governments are the ones in charge to fix all but is actually like that? Things like these pass everyday and everywhere. Our society is being unhealthy and I believe our responsibility should be using our work skills in order to help our society gets better.

The resources: US

Is so frustrating after realizing all this in real situations that I only can cheer up people to focus on real stuff, let`s fight for have sustainable companies, sustainable societies, sustainable people, that’s the only thing that will give us a better projection of the world. Let`s be conscious of our day by day and fight for things that really help to each other.

Dog Ps: This post is dedicated to a beautiful black dog that hadn’t eaten in days until I met him. I promised myself that I will push ideas and consciousness to people to avoid more situations like this.


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