What did I find miles away?

It is almost 2 months since I left Peru to start traveling to different cities inside Germany, Netherlands and UK . Tree countries in Europe and the biggest differences I see in comparison with Peru keep increasing day by day.

These are those days in which I wonder if actually it could be possible that one day Peru has a society like here. I am so proud of the great things that Peru has in terms of people, in general it is a very entrepreneur country that has got over many bad things in the past thanks to its own people but still there are many things that we actually don’t see as bad things but are bad. This probably because we are used to it, or probably because we don’t know any different or because we are too lazy to be the ones that are part of the changes.

Submerged in the rush of the work system, many times we are used to play roles just for our own interests. Specially in a country like Peru that is very competitive and sometimes the winner is the one the shout more louder or scares more like what happened to me sometimes.

Another side of Peru that you don’t see

For the last 4 years before I came to this trip I had been working in an Environmental Engineering company as Logistic Manager where I used to visit very poor communities in the jungle of Peru. Working around locals most of the time or sleeping with grasshoppers and mosquitoes were part of those days. Nothing that bothers me to be honest, actually I find it so exciting. Thanks to that, I learnt that you don’t need much to live and not having shower for some days won’t kill you at all. You learn how to be human again.

Living with those communities that most of the time just wanted to help us in the work we were doing, showed me the other side of Peru that I didn´t know. As a citizen from the capital of Peru which is the most developed place in the country, you normally don´t have the need to travel around if not for tourism reasons. So been me there looking at other realities made me wanted to be more focus on life and try to find answers for those situations.

I have to say that for standard people like me that live in cities like Lima, we are not used to see other provinces as something close to us. Even when it’s inside Peru, most of Peruvians we don’t see them because the media had dedicated to broadcast more stupid programs on TV in order to keep feeding the ignorance of people than showing us our own reality inside the country. And probably this is the same situation in other countries in South America where mainly capitals are the ones that receive all the attention of the country, forgetting the rest and their rights that for me it becomes on one of the biggest disrespectful act for the human beings.

One of the main differences…

One of the main differences I can see in the cities I have been traveling is the big respect to each other. You have no idea how good it feels living in a place that most of the people say: ”Sorry”, every time you brush into someone on street, or say: ”Please”, every time you ask for something to whoever, or just a ”Good morning” with a nice smile every time you bump into someone. I know that this probably sounds silly, but living in a country like Peru, that doesn’t have this as part of our everyday, you actually can feel the difference.

I used to consider myself a bit wild to be honest and I saw this as something very picky on people but I see now that  just having a positive attitude to others can make your day!

So from my logical reasoning, if you already feel respect to the others, you can also feel respect for the world, and the world means everything and everyone that is on it, which includes the environment, animals, and over all a better understanding between to each other.

Germany my rock star!

Germany as one of the best countries in the world that supports recycling, renewable energies, organic food and healthy lifestyle is without a doubt the country that I feel a special connection with, because of its eagerness to make things better.

It is amazing how mostly every German have a deeply conscious on the division of the trash. Such even, a yogurt container can be divided into three types of recycling pieces.

They also have a system where every product that comes in a bottle has an extra charge but you can get it back when you give the bottle back too. And don’t even think about asking for a plastic bag in the supermarket! because that can cost you a few more extra coins.

My favorite times on the train were looking at a beautiful sunset with some wind turbines as the perfect complement of the view.

Sunset Germany

But the lovely Belfast is not far away…

On the other hand, the lovely and small city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, which is the place I am spending more time these days, is always trying to get better on cultural events which I believe is one of the most important thing that invigorates the people.

Lot of music around here which encourage the young to learn to play instruments or play some sports or just give comedy shows as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The city has the privilege to have sea, river and lots of mountains around that can make you forget about the raining for a moment!

I push to be positive

I dream that one day the lifestyles of these incredible cities can be repeat around the world. I believe that an important key for this can happen is without a doubt the respect to each others, in terms of ideas, god’s beliefs, positions or anything.

I believe we could be better if we just listen to each other more than just fall in the criticism and judgment. Yes, there are bad people in the world but instead of ignore them I think it could work better to face them and listen to them.

In the latest months I also learnt to be more patient with people. People need to be listened, people want to be heal and nobody knows if the next one could be just you.

Lot of leanings these days. I just can tell you, keep rocking life wherever you are. We need more conscious people in this world to make it better!

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