Films can also be used to help others!

A few months ago I started this passion for making documentaries and I decided to do it on my own budget. I had the chance to met Elizabeth. A single mother who lives in a really devastating situation with her 2 daughters in the slums of Lima.

Soon after I finished the short documentary I asked for donations to some groups in Facebook and it was no longer until I got some positive replies. I was really impressed and I realized how much we could change the world if only we worked as a team together whenever we face a problem. Maybe one day we reach that point.

I don’t know where this passion will take me later. But I can assure I am feeling the happiest person ever since my material can be used to help other people.

One of the person who helped me to bring the donations to Elizabeth, Jim Killon an American guy who has been living in Peru since 2009 runs his NGO ‘Changes for New Hope’ and he decided to wrote an article about the experience we had that day.

You can check the whole magazine here.Β

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