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Documentary Filmmaker and Producer for Peru & Galapagos


“Filming, Healthy food, a Sustainable world and Getting inspired; That’s all I want!”

My name is Lizeth Yarlequé. I’m a Producer and Documentary Filmmaker from Lima, Peru. However, this was not always my career. I carry a degree in Architecture. I worked in that industry for some years until I found my real passion in life! ‘Documentary Filming!’

My instinct worrying regarding human issues brought me to have a great interest on the development of stories with the constant motivation to show that humans we always can be better. After some time working in a Production company in Northern Ireland, UK during the 2017 and after winning a few international competitions I was ready to start this journey myself.

Nowadays I run a team in Peru that works for a variety of international companies, documentary directors and for my own personal projects. Either filming, producing, researching or being a fixer.

You can find me at IMDB HERE

International Clients

Al Jazeera, United Nations (PNUD), TRT World, CGTN-China Global Television Network, Banijay Italia and more!




I  won a project for the British Council ‘Shakespeare Lives campaign’ for a short film I directed and filmed in December 2016.

Finalist on my last short documentary in protest against violence in Peru called Stopping the violence in the contest organized by the Embassy of Belgium in Peru in June 2018.


In August 2019 I was interviewed by the National TV channel of Peru to talk about my career and how I jumped into this industry fully from passion.

If you want to know more about my career. You can read my article Don’t be afraid to go your way!

Hobbies and Likes:

Needless to say that playing with my camera is my favorite thing. As a deep thinker I also love writing and get lessons along life. You can check them all in ‘My articles’.

I’m mostly vegetarian. I eat fish and I love eating and living healthy. Dark chocolates are my weaknesses! I’m an active practicer of Acroyoga. Yes, balance is everything! 🙂 I love running in the mornings. Love the sun! Love seeing the ocean. Love doing trekking in the mountains. Love drinking red wine, Pisco Sour and coffee. And overall I love talking to people. There is nothing that could replace a special connection to others. I love feeling myself human. 🙂

🙂 Let’s develop Human Stories for a change! 🙂 

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