July 2020 / Winner Lizeth’s short documentary ‘Two More weeks’ on the category of Best short Documentary by the Film festival ‘Independent Shorts Awards’ an international festival based in the United States.

August 2019 / Selected Lizeth’s short documentary ‘Pre Inca music is back’ by the National TV channel of Peru to be shown at the TV Program Cortos IPE. Lizeth was also interviewed at the TV to share about her career and how she jumped into this industry.


June 2018 / Finalist Lizeth’s short documentary ‘Stopping the violence’ which shows a case of overcoming domestic violence in Peru on the contest organized by the Embassy of Belgium in Peru.

December 2016 / Winner Lizeth’s one minute short ‘Best motivating phone call to an English’ by the contest carried by the British Council in Peru through the topic ‘Shakespeare Lives campaign’.


  • IMDB – Accredited International as Producer, Director and Cinematographer/ Winner Best Documentary Short Jun 2020. (Click in the pictures)


  • National Cinematographic Accreditation from the Ministry of Culture of Peru as Director, Producer, Post Producer and Editor due to an international career.
  • Drone pilot accreditation given by the Ministry of Transport of Peru

  • COVID-19 Safety Sets international certificate

International Clients

Al Jazeera, United Nations (PNUD), TRT World, CGTN-China Global Television Network, Banijay Italia and more!



International Reviews

Germany/ Peter Prestel – Director. November 2020

Netherlands / Guy Dagan – Producer. Jun 2020

Germany/ Jay See – Journalist. April 2020

Netherlands / Anouk Kappers – Producer. March 2020

Canada/ Ryan Marley – Director of the documentary El Candidato. January 2020

USA/ Katie Fischer – Producer at TRT World. December 2019

China/ 吕 思杭 – Producer for DOClabs Beijing. November 2019

USA/ Tom Bewick – Director of Rainforest Foundation US in Peru. December 2019

USA/ Laurence Mathieu-Leger – Director and DP at Bleacher Report. August 2019

Germany/ Vivica Pietz – Director and Founder at Achiy. September 2019

Germany/ Michael Pietz – Director and Founder at Achiy. September 2019

United Kingdom/ Hubie Pilkington – Producer at United Nations. July 2019





USA/ Rosa Tucker – Director at Urtext Films. May 2019

USA/ Lucy Sherriff – Producer at United Nations. July 2019

USA/ Lucy Sherriff – Producer at United Nations. July 2019

France/ Alice De La Chapelle – Producer at Al Jazeera Plus. November 2018

USA/ Karla Caraballo – Producer at Al Jazeera Plus. July 2018

Spain/ Jacobo – Director of documentary The Last 

‘I contacted Lizeth a little before my arrival in Peru for a very specific profile of a person I was looking for to star the next part of my documentary The LAST. In just four days I had located three different options in one of the most remote areas of Peru.
We made the whole recording together and Lizeth was brilliant. She has empathy, enjoys what she does and provided valuable ideas throughout the process.
It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope to do it again in the future!’

United Kingdom / Sam Moinet – Director of Student Breakthrough

United Kingdom/ Dermot Loughran – Director of Spanish in Belfast

Italy / Andrea Croci – Entrepreneur

Netherlands / Leonie Van Iersel – Entrepreneur