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Documentary Filmmaker and Producer for films in Peru


Lizeth Yarlequé is a Documentary Filmmaker, Producer and Fixer on stories that bring awareness through a social, environmental and cultural impact.

Lizeth also runs a team who provides services from Peru and South America to international channels and directors.

International Clients

Al Jazeera, United Nations (PNUD), TRT World, CGTN-China Global Television Network, Banijay Italia and more!




TWO MORE WEEKS is an official winner documentary from Lizeth on the category Best short documentary of June 2020 by the Film festival ‘Independent Shorts Awards’ from United States. This documentary registers a few of the most important things that happened in Lima, Peru through her eyes during more than 3 months of mandatory quarantine due to COVID19 in 2020.

Director, producer, filmmaker, drone driver, editor and voiceover Lizeth Yarlequé.

Researcher and Field Producer Lizeth Yarlequé for a story of about the new Coronavirus in Peru trough a human story. (From 2:30 to 6:30min) This documentary was shown at Galileo TV channel in Germany as part of a complete documentary from the situation on different countries in the world. March 2020.

Documentary Filmmaker and editor Lizeth Yarlequé. July 2020.

Documentary Filmmaker and editor Lizeth Yarlequé. I filmed this empowering lovely story of a Peruvian elder who gives us a lesson in this times of pandemic. Jun 2020.

I had the pleasure to be the documentary filmmaker of a few of these amazing business women in Peru. A lovely short documentary that shows that regardless all the challenges we have to pass to reach equality in different parts of the world, we can do it! – Feb 2020

I filmed  and edited this lovely experience during my last trip to Germany. Documentary Filmmaker and editor Lizeth Yarleque. May 2020

 I was the pleasure to be interviewed by Makmende Media from Netherlands sharing a bit of my days during this pandemic in Peru. April 2020

Documentary Filmmaker, researcher and English Translator Lizeth Yarleque for AJ+. May 2019 (English version HERE)

Field producer and translator Lizeth Yarlequé for a Canadian crew and the Documentary El Candidato with Bryan Rusell. The first Down syndrome person in the world who applies for the Congress of Peru. January 2020

Researcher, Field Producer and Translator Lizeth Yarlequé for a Documentary of about deep native communities in the Andes of Peru and the well-known chef Virgilio Martinez. This project was for a top-level Chinese production company. October-November 2019

Researcher, Documentary Filmmaker and Translator Lizeth Yarlequé . This documentary was shown at TV program in United States TRT World. December 2019.

Documentary filmmaker and producer for this small reel of the Peruvian Kañaris culture in Lambayeque, Perú.

Fixer and drone driver in Lima Lizeth Yarlequé, Peru for the well-known Canadian Producer, Director and Editor of documentaries Laurence Mathieu-Leger. She filmed the American boxer Naomi Graham on the Panamericanos Peru 2019.

Field Producer, Translator, Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer Lizeth Yarlequé for a top-level German sustainable brand of Alpaca clothes made in Peru. You can watch all the videos and pictures at  September 2019

 Documentary Filmmaker Lizeth Yarleque for AJ+ Español. Jan 2019.

Selected Documentary to be shown at one of the National TV channel of Peru. Canal IPE.  Production, Documentary Filmmaker and Editing Lizeth Yarleque. Sep 2019

 Production and Documentary Filmmaker Lizeth Yarleque for AJ+. Aug 2018.

Interview Lizeth Yarleque gave to the National TV channel of Peru, Canal IPE for the documentary ‘Pre Inca music is back’.

Documentary Filmmaker Lizeth Yarleque for the Peruvian winners on the Equator prize-United Nations. Filming with indigenous communities in the deepest jungle of Peru. These documentaries were shown at the award day in New York Sep 2019.

Researcher, Fixer and Translator Lizeth Yarleque while filming a documentary in Lima, Peru and camera for ‘Behind the scenes’. This was carried by directors from Urtext Films who came from United States to get a piece full of unique human-dogs experiences. March 2019. The doc was selected for the SXSW 2020 Festival in United States. Check the story here.

Researcher, Fixer and second camera Lizeth Yarleque for the documentary ‘The Last’ in Cusco, Peru. A documentary carried by the director Jacobo Garcia who came from England to film this piece full of ancestral and unique experiences. March 2019.

Assistant Lizeth Yarleque on stage for the Cultural Irish series ‘I Làr an Aonaigh’ produced in the studios of BBC Belfast – Northern Ireland during 2017 trough ‘Below the Radar’ company.

Lizeth Yarleque made the spanish Translation for the Documentary ‘Elian’ trough ‘Fine Point Films’. Northern Ireland-UK

Lizeth Yarleque was the Assistant for the Director Oisin Kearney on the Documentary ‘Bojayá’ trough ‘Fine Point Films’. Northern Ireland-UK.

Lizeth Yarleque on the Production, Documentary Filmmaker and Editing. Jan 2019

Lizeth Yarleque on the Production, Documentary Filmmaker and Editing. 2018

Filming and pictures services for well-known Peruvian singers & musicians

Finalist documentary for the contest Innovative journalism for a country that advances carried by the Embassy of Belgium in Peru – Jun 2018.  Production, Filming and Editing

Winner video for the contest Shakespeare Lives Campaign carried by the British Council UK – Dec 2016. Production, Filming and Editing

Documentary Filmmaker for a Production company in Netherlands. March 2019

Belfast-Northern Ireland – Production, Documentary Filmmaker and Editing by Lizeth Yarleque. 2017

NGO Magic brothers World- Production, Documentary Filmmaker and Editing Lizeth Yarleque. 2016