International Reviews

These are reviews and messages from clients I have worked with.

March 2023: United Kingdom. Will Foster-Grundy – Director.

Fixer Peru film producer

October 2022: United Kingdom. Aaron Gekoski – Director.

Review fixer Peru

review filmkaker Peru

review researcher peru UK film

September 2022: Germany. Marita Neher – Director.

review german peru cinematographer filmmaker

June 2022: Germany. Michael Schumacher – Director.

review german directir peru filmmaker

May 2022: Netherlands. Arie Van Der Hamsvoort – Director of series for Warner Bros Netherlands (I was the researcher and fixer in the Peru and Beto with Hernan were in charge of the route)

fixer peru film producer filmmaker

April 2022: USA. Abby Narishkin – Producer Business Insider

Business insider Peru filmmaker

March 2022: United Kingdom. Darren Garrett. Editor Storythings

Producer editor peru jungle lima cusco filmmaker cinematographer

January 2022: Netherlands. Waldemar Torenstra – Director

Filmmaker producer peru cinematographer

January 2022: Netherlands. Yvette Nieuwstad – Producer De Haaien 

filmmaker producer lima peru jungle documentary

January 2022: Netherlands. Jorike Verlaan – Producer De Haaien 

producer peru film documentary

producer peru film documentary cusco

January 2022: Germany. Peter Prestel – Director. 

cinematographer peru filmmaker

January 2022: United Kingdom. Mark Bowsher – Producer: Rabbit Island

cinematographer peru DOP filmmaker peru producer

Austria flag October 2021: Austria. Claudia Grünwald – Producer BFILM – ORF

Review austria peru filmmaker documentary

August 2021: United Kingdom. Illisa Aji- Producer Intrepid TV

Review UK Intrepid

Jun 2021: USA. Matt Yamashita- Director Quazifilms Media

filmmaker photographer peru

May 2021: USA. Ben Watkins. Producer at Fieldwire

filmmaker videographer peru

review filmmaker peru

April 2021: USA. Maya Pisciotto- Editor at The Under Story

filmmaker peru photography director

Jan 2021: United Kingdom. Hugh Garry – Director at Storythings. 

Jan 2021: United Kingdom. Matt Locke- Executive Director at Storythings. 

Jan 2021: United Kingdom. Emily Bromfield- Producer at Storythings. 

Dec 2020: United Kingdom. Philippa Froud – Producer at HCA Entertainment. 

Nov 2020: Germany. Peter Prestel – Director. 

Nov 2020: USA. Aws Haidari – Producer at TRT World. 

Jun 2020: Netherlands. Guy Dagan – Producer at Gate Gourmet

April 2020: Germany. Jay See – Journalist. 

March 2020: Netherlands. Anouk Kappers – Producer at Makmende 

Jan 2020:Canada. Ryan Marley – Director of ´El Candidato´. 

Dec 2019: USA. Katie Fischer – Producer at TRT World. 

China/ 吕 思杭 – Producer for DOClabs Beijing. November 2019

Dec 2019: USA. Tom Bewick – Director of Rainforest Foundation US in Peru. 

Aug 2019: USA. Laurence Mathieu-Leger – Director and DP at Bleacher Report. 

Sep 2019: Germany. Vivica Pietz – Director and Founder at Achiy. 

Sep 2019:  Michael Pietz – Director and Founder at Achiy. 

Jul 2019. United Kingdom. Hubie Pilkington – Producer at United Nations. 

May 2019: USA. Rosa Tucker – Director at Urtext Films. 

Jul 2019. USA. Lucy Sherriff – Producer at United Nations. 

Jul 2019. Lucy Sherriff – Producer at United Nations.

Nov 2018. France. Alice De La Chapelle – Producer at Al Jazeera Plus. 

Jul 2018. USA. Karla Caraballo – Producer at Al Jazeera Plus. 

Spain/ Jacobo – Director of documentary The Last 

‘I contacted Lizeth a little before my arrival in Peru for a very specific profile of a person I was looking for to star the next part of my documentary The LAST. In just four days I had located three different options in one of the most remote areas of Peru.
We made the whole recording together and Lizeth was brilliant. She has empathy, enjoys what she does and provided valuable ideas throughout the process.
It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope to do it again in the future!’

United Kingdom / Sam Moinet – Director of Student Breakthrough

United Kingdom/ Dermot Loughran – Director of Spanish in Belfast

Italy / Andrea Croci – Entrepreneur

Netherlands / Leonie Van Iersel – Entrepreneur