Discovering the diffusion filter!

Being a filmmaker is a career that is in a constant movement. Learning is part of the everyday and with this I mean it! As you already know from my previous posts, I made myself as a filmmaker learning everything online from the first day, from equipment, to editing. Happily as in difference with other careers, in this one, I was able to learn a lot online. But of course mostly on the technical part, the rest I had to learn from life. 

A few days ago the international brand K&F got in touch with me to offer me to test one of the filters they sell for photography and filming. I accepted it thinking that it was just another ND filter and I was curious to compare with the other brands I already use but to my surprise this was the ‘Kyf concept 82mm Filtro Black mist Diffusion 1 / 4’’ and I was a bit confused. In my 4 years of doing this job I never heard of this filter before so I was very curious of its capabilities. 

I didn’t check anything online before I tested it as I wanted to discover it myself and what was this about. So there I was, one morning taking pictures of my mom’s garden. During my first shoots I didn’t notice much, more than just a bit blurry on the images. I shoot with Sony alpha cameras which have very sharp edges on the images, so this filter made it a bit softer. I was not impressed at the beginning to be honest but it was not until I shot against the bright sky when I found out what this filter was made for! The filter made the flowers look like they were in heaven! With this bright halo around them, I was impressed!

I understood shortly after that this filter could have a better impact playing with lights at night. So I waited until then to test it with lighting and I was right! I took pictures of the lighting of my apartment and it made it look like a commercial picture right straight off the camera!

This filter mainly plays with the light and the object. I did some comparisons and after checking the results I was blown away. I also tested it a bit on the streets and the lights ended with this nice and soft look!

The lights get a nice halo around when using the filter

I was really happy to test the ‘Kyf concept 82mm Filtro Black mist Diffusion 1 / 4’’ but overall that this industry never ends inventing things!. I was surprised that I never heard of this cool filter before. Although I don’t think this is a mandatory filter to use everyday like the ND types, it is definitely something to consider for specific projects and pictures. It has particular results and I love it! 

Nice lights results using the filter

I love that the filming industry keeps moving and makes it easier for filmmakers so we can focus more on the rest of our job. 

This was my real experience from this product, I am not getting paid for this review so in case you want to try the ‘Kyf concept 82mm Filtro Black mist Diffusion 1 / 4’, you can find it here 

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