Trying the filter K&F Concept 82mm ND2-400

This is a bit delayed post because my Christmas present from K&F Concept arrived later than expected due to the high demand of deliveries I believe but here I am πŸ™‚Β 

This time I received the variable filter K&F Concept 82mm ND2-400 and I was very impressed with the results! As a user of Sony G Master lenses I am also a user of high quality gear and therefore Polar Pro Peter Mckinnon filter was my main option to go, mainly because after trying a few of other brands like Zomei I discovered that those filters were not sharp enough for the images and changed the colours of them.

Polar Pro Peter Mckinnon is not a cheap filter at all and on the contrary it is like the cost of a leg for a filter but I bought it just a year ago because I didn’t find a middle option which is good but not crazy expensive. With this I thought that I will never buy cheaper filters in my life because of the low quality of them. So when the K&F Concept 82mm ND2-400 arrived, I was a bit incredulous about the results but I wanted to give it a try anyways. I honestly can’t recommend this filter enough! Especially for the price!Β 

I tested this filter in the first Acroyoga classes of 2022 given by my friends Kelly and Luis in Lima, Peru this last weekend and the filter did an amazing job! For starting the colours of the images never changed! Many cheap filters tend to show it warmer or more red but this was not the case. As a second good point, the images kept the sharp edges at around 90% of them as if they were images without the use of filters. And finally the best of this is that THE PRICE is less than $50!

Great pictures indeed and I can not be happier to find a great option for cheap but within all the benefits I found 2 small downsides; the first one is that the cap of the camera is not possible to use over the filter, making this easier that the filter get scratched and forcing us to take it out to cover the lens, something that could be annoying if we move fast to different locations and I had wish that this comes at least with their own cap. The other thing is that it took me a bit of work to adjust it very well because the adjustment of the filter to the camera and to the rotation itself are very close. But apart from that, I think this is a great option for a filter considering the price and the results! You can buy it here

As a curious thing, something I found already within my gear was the filter ring adapter K&F Concept that I use to be able to use the same filter in my G Master lens 70-200mm that is 77mm. So it worked really well together with the K&F Concept 82mm ND2-400 and here are a few pictures of them.

So I can only say that I have been liking the products of K&F Concept for a few months already and I hope they keep improving and have more and more options for filmmakers and photographers!

All the best dear followers and I can also recommend you try Acroyoga! It is a great sport and very fun! I can also recommend you to follow my friends and who give classes in person in Lima, Peru.

All the best!


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