Does Yoga work?

This post was written in January of 2015

To start this article. I must say that I am just a normal person that live her life withour nothing involve of Budda, OSHO, Hindu or whatever other related with Yoga. This was my first experience ever in this.


I had have a few friends in the pass who told me that Yoga is a great experience to get relaxed and to spend a good time. I wasn’t actually so excited just thinking that maybe I will have to be sit down screaming an “ommmmm” or trying to be silent for an hour to reach meditation. And the word “meditation” always sounds boring to me. It just comes to my mind that people is falling sleep but awake at the same time. What is the funny thing in that?? Anyway I never tried Yoga before so I had been unfair to make an opinion.

There was an event on FB about a free session of yoga in the “Reducto park” in the district of Miraflores in Lima. After a week that wasn’t the best I needed something to get relaxed. Normally when I feel that way I run and travel in the middle of the mountains in Huaraz or whatever just to breath and get better. But just 10 days ago I came back from an awesome trip in Chile so I didn’t have money and time anymore. Then, I decided to try this session of Yoga to see what is this all about.

The session was settle in a beautiful park and actually a park where most of the people practice yoga and do relax events. I saw many advertisement of this in the entry of the park and also a few of small groups around doing meditation and stuff. So my first impression was that I must be in the right place to do this.

Soon I found the group and the teacher asked me if this was my first time in the group. I said well….yes but also the first time in my life doing Yoga!….for when he made a really funny face saying “wo wo wo….well don’t freak out if you can’t do some of the positions, most of the people here came since a year ago”…..I felt annoyed after hearing that. I just assent but in the deep I was saying myself: hey darling! I train all the time, ride bike at work everyday, run and love gym. So what’s your problem with yoga then? …..Of course at the same time I was confused. Was not yoga a thing to “think” and be quiet?? :/

Anyway, He started the session with a bit of explanation of what it is about. In a summary, this is a thing to put your mind in blank, yes, nothing nothing, and to be honest that is so hard. I tried to follow all the steps, but thinking were always there. So for that, being silent is not exactly the way, at least in yoga.

The teacher asked us for do many different positions with our bodies and breathing so you have to be focus on doing it right, but the shape is just the action, and the deepest part is that in that moment you are just thinking about it, forgetting the whole stuff you always have in mind (like, I have to do laundry when I get home, or, I forgot to send something from work, or what I would eat for lunch today and so on)

Yoga was the way to get those thoughts out from my mind, and happily I must say it was interesting. But I have to say why. Apart from the action of trying to get my thoughts away. It was also because once in a time I looked around and we were like a bunch of 15 people there trying to get better in mind, in soul and probably looking for a answers like me. It was just a great energy around, because in fact, people want to feel better!

There is something the teacher said that actually I got deeper in.
He said: Today we put our minds without thinking. So for an hour we didn’t give any thoughts to the world. The world is all the time messy because of the thoughts of the people but at least for an hour we all tried to not do it. So at least for an hour we stopped to not give energy to other people.

Closing your mind is a stop of your negatives thoughts, probably also positive but to be honest not all the people is thinking positive things 100% of the time. So if I get back to my own philosophy that I avoid to hurt others. This is a great practice. I put in pause my brain which is a actually a great feeling for myself afterwards but is also a pause to produce energy to the world.

After living my experience which in a few moments I felt really connected because of the peace on the session. Is not just that way to feel in peace. I also can pause my mind when I travel. I also can put a pause in my brain when I dance, when I make a big laugh or even when I have an orgarsm. You know is just to find the situation that makes your brain not think at all.

So that’s the goal for not stress, Yoga is nice although just one more way to relax. I am very happy I tried this experience but most important for me was the energy around with many people trying to be better people. And that’s all we need. Because I can learn to not hurt others but what about the other that hurt me?? sounds not fair but it is like this. So Put your brain in stop and relax. This is the way to deal with that. Not easy but works. πŸ™‚

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