When i was 13 years old i joined to a religion group of teenagers i was invited to participated on. Of course when you have 13 years old and see the chance to meet guys very handsome is hard to say no! :p That was the real reason at the beginning. My mom was more religious than dad but still not quite into that so me telling them that i was joining to a catholic group of teenagers was a bit surprised for them but at the same time i think it was a relief. I wasn’t an easy teenager for them so i think they thought: “thanks god, at last! you illuminated her!”

Months passed and religion ended as a very deep faith on myself because of all the problems i was living at home in those years. I understood after some years later that it was good i stayed in there for some time. Not because of the religion in fact but because of the support i found in the community it was made of. I could have taken other ways to keep myself healthy for sure but i don’t think if at 13 years old i could have chosen the right path. On the other hand my experience was very pleasant. i felt part and accepted by others very easy than other places. It is like a place you always know you are going to be welcome. It was a fun stage of my life. Nevertheless, my point of view about god changed by the time.

imageYears later, and without continuing in this religion phase i discovered myself a lover of the natural places and its mysticism. For the first time feeling free to not get lost in my life. Mom used to be so protective with me so with all my rebel i started living my life without her cares anymore. I started traveling by myself as you can realize if you read my other articles and i converted to a believer that the world runs because of energies indeed! Negative or positive but at the end just energy. I dont believe anymore in a path made “from” God or “for” God. However, i believe that must be something or someone more powerful that created this world at the very very beginning. Thats inevitable not thinking of that. Not even science could be explained without that more powerful thing. But its just that, i consider after all world was created now is up to us the rest of our destiny. It is up to us to chose and make us ourselves happy and good.

We give and receive energy. I know at any moment any of the situations in life can suck because yes we don’t live an easy life at all! keep ourselves happy and balance is not fucking easy! We came with fairs from our childhood and the way we were raise. But it is up to us to decide. To be calm and know ourselves better to identify the solution for our fairs. I respect so much and get amazed every time i see religion groups or people who even don’t believe in god but one way or another, people is trying and looking for a way to be and feel better.

So welcome positive energies!

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