The drug of human connection!



To be honest I haven’t tried many drugs on my life. Except for the natural ones. Of course what did you expect! Im always natural! 🙂

However, human being connection can be the drug we all want but we never say. This is the drug that can make you feel in that positive status of balance of life that we always run away everytime we dont have it.

A quick message from the other side of the world can make my day, specially if those includes pictures and music! Simple messages that reminds how much love is between friends and not even distances can break it down. Of course there are times in which I want to kill some friends because not everything is pink color. Humans we are so fucking complicated! We always want the other think as we do but thats not going to happen! On the contrary is a complementary connection of giving and receiving. It always have its own benefits and each person is a different world with different reasons to be like what they are right now. There are also a few toxic ones which teach a lot in life but overall they teach you to be patience! Is all up to us to decide which people stay in our lives or not and this means not just in physical state but also inside of us. Because project or depend ourselves in someone or something is one of the worst decisions we can make to ourselves. That never let you grew up in any way.

With this I want to cheer up to all of you to take this drug of human connection! Meet people all the time, create good relationships! Take your time when you do this, some of them will be fast but others will take a longer time until you get there but the way of learning will be so valuable! Even if some connections end in a bad situation You will learn lot from that. And this is life! Apart from work, studies or trips. Anything doesn´t make sense if we don’t have this human connection as part of our day by day. At the end don´t forget we are humans!

Thanks to my life that at this time 14th of January of 2016 that I feel the happiest person in the world thanks to all the friends and family I have around me!…Crossing fingers to visit many of you this year my friends!!!


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