The learning of my 20´s!



Three months ago I turned over 30 years old and it got me with this eagerness on writing about the worth experiences that my 20´s left to me.

First of all, I learnt how to care more about my family. That family that never was perfect but overall made its best to be happy. Considering that be happy didn’t mean to keep us all together forever.

I learnt how to put aside many personal insecurities. Mainly those which were at the university times where you never know if the choice you made in your twenties are going to end in a success life. Or as my case that I had to chose it on my 16! I found it out later which ones were my best professional skills and I understood that never was too late to make big changes on my life.

I liberated myself from myself and I realized that I was attached to pointless stuff and people that hadn´t added any positive things to my present in those years. I learnt how to get freedom from the past and overall to live the present without need being attached to anything or anyone. I learnt that get on to myself was the key of my freedom.

I learnt to be more conscious on each detail of life. I traveled more, more and so more in different ways; as tourist, as backpacker, as hiker, as trekker, with the basic and not so basic stuff. I tried many ways to travel and I discovered myself that trips necessarily would become part of my days.

I learnt how to eat healthy, very healthy! Also to be aware about the animal industry and how to care of the world I live. I learnt how to enjoy life without hurt anyone as same as don’t let anyone hurts me.

I understood that everyone is different with diverse ideas and being patience could be a great benefit in human relationships. (Challenge that keeps running on my 30!)

And the most important, I learnt that my life is how it is now thanks to all the valuable people I am surrounded of these days, either Peru or somewhere in the world and also from the people that were in my life sometime and left lot of lessons and experiences to me.

I know now that my happiness is based on the best human relationships I am creating day by day and also the elimination of the ones don’t add anything positive to my life. Concluding that a conscious life is a happy one!
My 20´s could have seemed frustrating sometimes but there isn’t anything that could have been better!

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