Small things can make big days!


After been so thoughtful these days in the cloudy and foggy Lima on its typical winter times of August. Today I am in the Amazon enjoying the suffocating sun again. I love summer and even when winter has its own magic feeling, it sometimes is too nostalgic for my like.

As in a better mood today while eating some stuff I was asking myself about the insignificant small things that I enjoy a lot day by day without realizing that make my life lot better. Maybe you will identify yourself with some of them.

These are my first fifteen ones:
  1. The good chocolate! oh yes! that chocolate over 70% of Cacao that makes me addict of. I have to accept that I am a chocolate lover. My weeks can’t be lack of good and dark chocolate and of course a weekly budget for it too!chocolate
  2. The cold water with gas. Water can´t be more tasty since it has gas and it is very very cold! Doesn’t matter if it is winter.
  3. Ride a bike, I always think this is the best thing I could learn in life, not even get a degree have a comparison with this! The feeling of riding a bicycle is just unique! I must admit that I was bad on learning it, my mom can tell!Biking
  4. A double cappuccino coffee without sugar in the mornings before start working! Oh yes, lately I have been drinking this every day for the last 2 weeks. What a tasty thing!
  5. Walking in the town of Barranco – Lima in the mornings where there is not much people around and just see the beauty of a traditional town, imaging how people was living there in the past with these huge mansions and traditional houses just close to the ocean.
  6. Bread with olive oil, cheese and albahaca leaves, my favorite fast food anytime!
  7. A good Falafel sandwich, ok here I only have one good place where I enjoy this in Lima. Can´t be healthier food for dinner!
  8. Strong ginger tea, I just started this few weeks ago because of the winter time in Lima and can´t have better company at nights while being wrapped on my bed
  9. A good glass of red wine! yesss nothing better to finish a day with thiswine
  10. Picarones, this is not so healthy dessert but hell how I love it! Of course I try to keep myself away from this bad tempting thing but once in awhile I make a sin eating this.
  11. But after making sins, there is not better way to feel better by running. Run is one of my favorite sports in the mornings before go work. It changes the energy of my days and the feeling is unexplicable. One day Will Smith said that 2 of the best things to do in life is run and read, as while you run, there is an inside voice that pushs yourself to not stop and keep going, same voice that can talk to you for other situations in life too and read because before us there were many millions and billions of people that already passed similar situations like us that is worth to find some answers in their stories.
  12. Get kissed and licked by my dog Frodo!! When I say kissed is because he really knows how to kiss me! He jumps on my cheeks every time I ask him for a kiss, one day I will show you on videos but honestly with this he shows me all the innocent and love an animal can express. He has many feelings and lot of love to give.Frodo1_
  13. WRITING! the best way of listen myself and make my mind more clear.writing
  14. PHOTOGRAPHY, just a nice walk with my best company, my camera!Lizeth
  15. A nice message from or to a good friend without any reason, the calls from mom or just an ¨I miss you¨ from my brother that reminds me how much loved I am!

Sounds small things but I can´t explain how in heaven I feel everytime I do any of these points listed. Have you ever thought which ones are yours? I challenge you to make your own list! 😀

Have an awesome life!


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