What Exactly Means Leave Your Comfort zone?

Going away

I don`t know if it just me because I am suscribed to many travel pages or it happens to everybody? Lately, internet is bombing me with messages pushing to get out from my comfort zone and travel. Even until the point to leave my job and literally the sensation that as long as I take the first plane I will be in heaven! ….But, is actually like that?

At the moment after finish to watch those messages it really feels like I want to run away with my backpack but for a person like me who has been traveling within the last 2 years I have to say that is nothing like that! On the contrary, it sounds like the tourism industry has to do with this. Of course, there is nothing wrong with traveling but what exactly means leave your comfort zone? is it not actually a good sign feeling comfortable with the life we live? is it not actually what on the contrary we should focus on? to always focus to feel comfortable in the ways we are?


In my opinion, the comfort zone is as same as subjective as talking about art. Each person has its own world and hence different ways to feel comfortable. My mom for example is a person that has been working for 31 years in the same hospital in same position, something that for me would probably mean sinonymom of been in jail, for her it means the best job in the world and something that she really enjoys every single day until now.

What I learnt after these 2 years of been traveling often is that doesn`t matter how far you go in a trip, a trip will not be the solution of your life but in reverse what it will be, is the motivation that you find to move yourself everyday to keep going. This thing inside that makes you feel alive and push yourself for something.

I remember been far away from home many times looking for answers that I thought would be solved with the fun times of my trips trying to fill myself with parties, drinks, music, other travelers, chit chats and short terms relationships, those things which ended in something even more confused but on the contrary all the answer were always inside myself.

I will say that instade to leave our comfort zone, we should do exactly the opposite and look for our comfort zone! that zone that is the motivation of our lives without caring where we are and that keeps ourselves happy and in balance.

Cusco Peru

There is nothing wrong with trips. I have learnt many things from my trips too but be careful with all what you read on internet, be conscious and have your own conclusions. Your life will not be fixed just because you leave your job and travel, but instade focus to find the motivation of your life!






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