What you learnt in 33 years

Turning 33 years soon. I came to this situation where I kinda do self review of what I have done so far. Looking at my friends who many of them at this age are already married, some with kids, some other divorce or some single mothers. I wonder if I ever would want to have my own family.

10 years ago I was thinking about to marry a guy who I spent 4 years with. Having a career which I appreciate my parents did their best to paid. But living a structure life the society marked for me. It took me many fights with my family, specially with mom to break this lifestyle. And on the contrary go on what my beliefs wanted to go.

For many years I asked myself what I really wanted to do in life. But this wasn’t easy. In fact one of the hardest thing I ever had to face but with patience I got it at the end.

I passed for many stages in my life which were needed for all this learning. I can’t describe all of them but here there is a short of the most important things I believe are good to remember once in a while:

  1. Truly Know about yourself. This was the first and main stage to go forward for me. Because we always tend to please people around us. And we end to do things we don’t really want to do in order to ‘look right’. Make a self review about yourself and discover in real who you are. Learning to say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ when you really feel it will make you a more secure person about yourself.
  2. Doesn’t matter how much hungry we can get. We don’t have the control of the world at all. We always try to control things in our everyday and if things don’t go as we wanted, we got frustrated, angry and disappointed. Learn to let it go, there is nothing you can do to make feel better yourself than find a solution for it in the best mood. Insult someone, get hungry or scream are not going to be a solution more than create a bad energy around you.
  3. Don’t believe everything your family think about you. Families are usually the greatest support. In fact, I have a great one but sometimes they also are the ones who can let you down about your dreams. Not because they are bad but because they might think they want the best for you. Be reasonable at all times and take a decision yourself with a conscious mind.
  4. Don’t believe what other people tell you what is a way to go. When I was in this searching. I used to get attached to different people in order to follow the real way to go. True is, there is no real way to go more than your common sense and feeling about a specific way to do things. Think yourself with a conscious mind and do the best in your own way.
  5. Be careful with your next boyfriend/girlfriend in life, sometimes they are looking for a saver for their lives. This is something you might think I’m crazy about. Most of the people don’t know what they want in life, yes. And this include a confusion of people thinking that you can get happiness from someone else. If a person is not happy of their own life before he/she met you. You are more safe away from them. Soon he/she will find another person or another reason to get attach to in their look for fake ‘happiness’ again. Is a constant circle for them and a unhealthy situation for you.
  6. Take each day at time. Because there is no security in life as society make us believe. I don’t mean you should leave everything in order to become a hippy person. (With respect of my hippy friends)  What I mean is you can reach things in a different way than what society shows. Look for all the ways and don’t stress to reach them faster. Better be happy for every step yo do each day.

I understood that life is not done once you got a job or have a family. On the contrary, it becomes a learning everyday. And one of the greatest thing is exactly that. The Challenging of every day, feeling yourself useful to the world. Feeling that you get better yourself each day and feeling that for every mistake you did in life, you are learning something good. Life is a constant learning and this is the beauty of it. Don’t miss it for being in a rush.

Happy 33 years of learning in life to me!

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