Don’t be afraid to go your way!

Just a few days ago I was looking at my busy work calendar and I couldn’t believe how all this happened in just a year.

Running as a documentary filmmaker in Peru is not easy at all. I even could say it is almost impossible living doing that here. Fortunately I am part of that ‘almost’ group.

I missed many times all the paradise I was living during my stay in UK. With all those programs at the BBC and the great filming industry there is like heaven for most of the filmmakers. I had the chance to assist on different amazing projects and work with amazing directors in Belfast. However, with all that magic on the air and with my heart broken I had to come back to Peru as I couldn’t stay there anymore. Even when the directors of the company wanted me to stay there.

Coming to Peru got me a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect here. I had been working with international directors since 5 years ago and coming back to work with Peruvians was a thing I really didn’t miss at all for all the messy things you could expect from them. Of course there are exceptions but after traveling too many countries and working under the highest standards I’m more conscious about my country and the directors here.

It took me long time until I finally found the only company I could imagine to work in Peru as they were constantly developing documentaries for international clients as I wanted to. However, in reality it was a company full of sexism and a toxic working environment for women, yes this industry was run by men for many years in the world and Peru was not exempt from this. After tree months of a disappointing experience I was out and since then a new life was waiting for me.

There I was, a simple girl in her 32’s trying to start a new career as a documentary filmmaker in her country with zero industry, few filming knowledge, no professional equipment but with full of energy and hopes.

It took me tireless hours searching online trying to find the way to work in this industry and not to die on the try. Many times I was wondering myself if life really means to keep working for your dreams or instead it was a purely romantic thing and on the contrary all our economic pressures were aim to win.

It was not longer until I realize that the only difference between someone that is succeed or not is up to themselves and the way they think. We all born with the same body and same potential brain to develop anything we want. Everything is all about our attitude and how we face things. So I decided to stand up and push for the life I really wanted to have.

A few months later, I was developing 4 short documentaries for one of the biggest international broadcasters of the world Al Jazeera with my own equipment and staff! But not enough with that, they were stories with positive impacts and messages for the world in order to get better! I honestly mention this and I still can’t believe it. Since the first day I touched a camera in my life, this was my encouragement to get into this industry. I only wanted to develop stories that brings consciousness about different things and I was there doing that! Besides, they were happy clients leaving great reviews! 

To this date, I have filmed not just short documentaries for Al Jazeera but for also for the biggest worldwide broadcasters in Europe and United States. 

I also work in my own documentaries which sometimes win international competitions.

I keep receiving constantly requests from international broadcasters and I can’t be more thankful to life for all this. Best lessons I learnt were from the hardest time in my life. Things could not look as the way you wish sometimes but if you keep working for it, one day things could change as you never imagined before.

I keep learning every single day about filming but most important about humans. The relationship with your clients, with your co-workers and with your characters are the most important things from anything. Don’t be afraid about money. That’s something that works as an illusion to make us feel lost in life. Trust your heart and intuition more and keep working on yourself because that’s the only person you will have for the rest of your life to approve your next most important decisions.

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