Lizeth Yarlequé runs a team that provides filming services for documentaries in Peru. We are proud and know a lot of our culture, food, traditions, people and so more!

Our main services are:

  • A bilingual team (English-Spanish)
  • Video Journalist, DP and Documentary Filmmaker with professional camera that records at 10bits, 4:2:2 in 4K and professional audio for documentaries.
  • Production management and fixers in order to arrange permits, locations, characters, stories, etc.
  • We work all over Peru, from Machu Picchu in Cusco to the jungle in Iquitos or the coast in Lima.

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Producer and Documentary filmmaker in Peru – Lizeth

My instinct worrying regarding human issues brought me to have a great interest on the development of documentaries with the constant motivation to show that humans we always can be better.

However, this was not always my career. I carry a degree in Architecture. I worked in that industry for some years until I found my real passion in life! Documentary Filming!

After some time working in a Production company in N.Ireland, UK during the 2017 and after winning a few international competitions I run a team now that works for the biggest producers, directors and channels around the world.

And if you are looking for services in Galapagos and Ecuador. I highly recommend Yoya!

Through my work, I try to showcase the stories that matter and inspire others to come and discover the wonders and secrets our countries hide. For me, creativity and quality are everything. I work hard every day to ensure my services are of the highest international standards.

With over 18 years experience in Communications and PR, and 10 years as a Production liaison I have helped others to find and discover the beauty and wonders in this unique country’s. My passion is helping others find ways to make the world fall in love with Ecuador and the Enchanted Islands of Galápagos, and through life-changing experiences motivate millions to find the need for conservations and immediate actions.