Peru producer filmmaker videographer photographer

My name is Lizeth Yarlequé and I’m a Producer and Documentary Filmmaker from Lima, Peru.

This was not always my career as it took me some years of learning about myself to realize that my degree in Architecture wouldn’t take me where I wanted to go. Therefore, after some years of confusion I did the jump and here I am.

The journey was not easy at all, especially with no money, no experience and with a 32 years old in those days. But my full motivation on how badly I wanted to tell the world about human stories, culture and places was the push to follow my dreams.

Therefore, after some internship in a Production company in Northern Ireland, UK during the 2017 and after winning a few international competitions I was ready to start this career myself.

Nowadays I work for the biggest international TV broadcasters, documentary directors and for my own personal projects either filming, producing, researching or being a fixer in Peru.

I highly recommend you read my key advices on what you need to know before filming in Peru?  and Is it possible to film documentaries in 2021?

Main services:

  1. A bilingual team (English-Spanish)
  2. Video Journalist, Director of Photography (DP) and Documentary Filmmaker to shoot your project in Peru or any country in South America.
  3. Producer and fixer for teams that comes from another country in order to arrange permits, locations, etc.
  4. Researcher to find the right character for your story.

Own equipment:

  1. Professional cameras that records at 10bits, 4:2:2 in HD or 4K.
  2. The highest quality of Sony lenses like the G-Master 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 and prime lenses 28mm,55mm and 85mm f1.8
  3. Professional audio equipment for documentaries like Sennheiser lavalier wireless microphones and audio recorders.

All my experience is shown at the Menu ‘Documentaries´