Test on the variable filter Black mist ¼

This time K&F Concept sent me a new filter to test it, this is the variable filter Black mist ¼. I already mentioned in a previous post my experience with another filter K&F Concept black mist but on that occasion it was a static one, which means that there is just one range of gloss. This time I am trying a variable one which can give you the flexibility to change the amount of gloss depending on the project.

To see the benefits and impact of the K&F Concept variable filter Black mist ¼, your scenery has to have lights on it as what this filter does is to add a halo around the lights and make it look like a dreamy environment and kinda fictional scenes.

I think this filter will suit great for commercial projects or fictional scenes, it gives a great look on the projects! 

I compared the gloss of this advertisement and the results are really cool!! You can see the difference in the amount of gloss you can add or reduce depending on your purpose.

Keep in mind that this is not a variable ND filter which has different purposes, the K&F Concept variable filter Black mist ¼ works mainly for this specific look in your shots! You can buy it here https://bit.ly/36itOnQ 

I hope this help you to learn a bit on the use of correct filters 🙂


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